Floor plans

When EDDC applied for permission to demolish the Drill Hall they produced scale floor plans showing most of the building, for some reason they did not cover the whole of the basement level.

Using these plans and newspaper reports of the dimensions of the main hall as a basis I have produced floor plans which include grids so that size can easily be seen. These drawings are based on the original Imperial measurements of feet and inches. Each small square is one square foot, or approx 30 cm. So a 3×3 block is a square yard or just under a square metre.

My intention was that anyone one could take these plans and try out ideas for using the space in a realistic manner, and then feed back ideas to the community. I tried them out with my 8 year old grand-daughter and she seemed to manage quite well.

As the images are gridded there is no need to worry about whether they print out to scale; the scale changes automatically with the image!

When you are trying to imagine the things which took place in the hall it is nice to have floor plans to help, and when you are trying to imagine things which could go on in the future then floor plans are indispensable.

If you would like to have a play then please download the pdfs below.

floor plan of upper level
floor plan of ground level
floor plan of basement level

If you would like your innovative use of the space to be considered by Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub as part of their business strategy then please send them to me as a pdf ( you can contact me through the contact page) and I will pass them on. Alternatively you could contact SDHH directly at https://sidmouthdrillhall.com

We have many groups who have expressed and interest in using the Drill Hall if it became available but we are always looking for good ideas.