Photographs of the Drill Hall

This sub-section contains photographs and postcards of the Drill Hall. It includes old photographs from just before it was built until the time it was divested of its ornamentation.

The intention of pictures from before it was built is to show what impact that position was intended to have on the area and on the population. The lower floor was to store boats for the fishermen, the main floor for drill and social activities and the upper floor was a reading room to provide education and entertainment.

It was positioned next to a piece of land given to provide open space for recreation and therefore the two gifts ( the Ham and the land for the Drill hall ) should be seen as a unit. I think there is little doubt that the donor, Mr J G G Radford, saw them as inextricably linked as a provision for the good of the town.

There are also recent interior and exterior pictures to try to show how much of the original fabric remains. Considering the lack of maintenance over many years the interior is in good shape and has been little changed. The layout remains the same as when it was built except for some minor details such as the upper room having been divided and the matchboarding having been removed from the walls, but not the ceiling, of the main hall.

The exterior currently looks most unsightly, but details such as the carved ends of the roof beams which have been protected by the guttering still remain as testament to the care lavished upon it when it was first constructed.