Newspaper reports

I have used newspaper reports extensively in my research.

Sidmouth Museum (in the persons of Rab and Christine Barnard) has provided access to early Sidmouth Observer and Sidmouth Herald papers as well as to photographs and I am very grateful for this.

British Newspaper Archive is an online resource in partnership with the British Library. My subscription to this has allowed me to search historical newspaper reports from all over the country. The most useful publications have been the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, the Devon and Exeter Daily Gazette, the Exeter Flying Post, and  the Western Times. All images sourced from here are under the copyright of the British Museum.

The BNA also provides a decade (1862-72) of the Sidmouth Journal and Directory, a weekly newspaper, but unfortunately it is too early to help much except for some background information. If anyone has copies of its last decade and a half in print I would be very interested to see them.

1893 July – the need for a new Drill Hall  1893 report

1895 April – the laying of the foundation stone  1895 5th April article pdf

1895 August – fund-raising bazaar   1895 14th Aug. article pdf

1895 October – opening   1895 16th Oct article pdf    1895 18th Oct article pdf

1904 Major Orchard retires  1904 6th July article pdf

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