Quotes and reports

Quotes from

1816 – ‘The Beauties of Sidmouth Displayed’ for John Wallis. The text of this book is very similar to that published in the 1820 by the Rev. Edmund Butcher.

Pg 8, fishing decreasing Beauties of Sidmouth, Wallis pg 8

Pg 16, eastern town being Marsh Wallis pg 16

Reports from

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
1835 – Oct, replacement for Marsh Chapel  1835 congregational dissenters

1836 Dec, proposed gas lighting 1836 gas works and visitors

1856 April, Alma Bridge 1856 April 26

1895 Jan, gift of the Ham  1895 Jan Radford Ham gift

Western Times
1835 – Jan, sea wall 1835 seawall

1859, launch of steamer 1859 Ship launch

1883, accident unloading coal 1883 Gas works

1889, Ratepayers Association 1889 Ham

1893, proposals for the Ham 1893 buying Ham

Dorset County Chronicle
1859, steamer launch1859 failed launch

1861 accident unloading coal 1861 coal and artillery

All the above reports have been obtained from the British Newspaper Archives and copyright of the images belongs to the British Library.

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