Sidmouth Drill Hall Research Site

This website is devoted to research findings about the Sidmouth Drill Hall and Sidmouth’s Eastern Town. This is not a Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC website, you can find that at

I am not trying to address the many ways which Sidmouth Drill Hall could be used to expand the facilities on offer in the town. These suggestions and arguments can be found on the Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub site and would apply equally to a newly built facility.

Here I want to explain the history and provide a relatively balanced resource. Of course I hope that greater knowledge of the building will create greater interest in preserving it and I am sure my bias will show at times.

If you are interested in reading about the work I am doing to campaign for the preservation of the building you can find it on this ‘sister site’ Rescue Sidmouth Drill Hall

I always need more information, so if you have any then please contact me through the contact page and I can add it, with credit to the provider of course.

For wider reading about the research, done over many years, on possible redevelopment of the Eastern Town I recommend the Vision Group for Sidmouth site. They have done many surveys and reports on this topic.

For general information about the Drill Halls around the country visit the Drill Hall Project.

All parts of this site are covered by copyright and therefore not to be reproduced without written permission from me, Mary Walden-Till.